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Do you want to change the automatic userpage for new people? Here you can find everything for changing this tool.


You can write a standard text for new users on their profile. It's also possible you write on their profile you would love it if they customize it.


Go to "MediaWiki:Welcome-user-page" on your wiki. There you'll see the standard thext. Edit to change.


You can also customize the userpage with borders, other text colors and much more.

If you want to add a border you only have to insert this code to the top of the page.

<div style="border:2px solid darkblue;">

If you want to change the text color you can use the following code.

<div style="color:darkblue;">

If you want to change the place of the text and you want the text more to the middle, you can add the following code.

<div style="margin-bottom:1em; padding:0.2em 0.8em 0.5em 0.8em;">

If you want the three options above you have to insert it behind each other like below.

<div style="border:2px solid darkblue; color:darkblue;margin-bottom:1em; padding:0.2em 0.8em 0.5em 0.8em;">

To change the size of the border you only have to change the number. The codes above are for the whole page. If you want to use it for a part use this:

<div style="color:darkblue;">text</div>

Remove "text" with the part of the text you want to change the color.


  • You can use some nice codes to show:
    • the name of the user of the userpage: $1
    • the name of the visitor: {{USERNAME}} (If you want to use this you first need to install it on the wiki)
  • Be creative

If you have questions about customizing your userpage or want help with something please go to my message wall to ask me about it. You can also ask an admin on this wiki, go to the forum or ask in the chat.

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