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In this part of the help blog you can find all information to make an own template for showing blog posts.

Basic Coding

Below the basic code of showing blog posts. With this example you show the three most recent blog posts with a summarylength of 300.

<bloglist summary="true" summarylength=300 timestamp="true" count=3 type=plain>

Change words/numbers

It's possible to change the things like category, date, summarylength and count easily. You only have to change the word/number.


It's also possible to add things to the box like text shadow and a border. You can do this with the regular codes. You can copy the codes from other blog posts of the help blog.

Scroll Function

If you want to add a scroll function you add the following code:

<div style="overflow:auto; height:625px; overflow-y: scroll">
the code for the blog here

Change words/numbers

If you want to change the height you only have to change the number of it. It's also possible to make a scroll function for the length of the scroll function.

If you have questions about chat and forum boxes or want help with something please go to my message wall to ask me about it. You can also ask an admin on this wiki, go to the forum or ask in the chat.

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