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You can start with making articles on your wiki.

Create an article

If you want to create an article you click on the contribute button on the right top. You can see this button on every page of the wiki you work on. In the list you'll see some options, choose "Add a Page".

Writing a text

You begin often with adding a small text about the subject. For example you write an article about a city. In the text you mention the name of the city, the country and some more things.


The easiest way to get the code of an infobox, is to look at other pages about the same subject. Often there's made an infobox for it. If not, please ask one of the admins on the wiki. After finding a good infobox, you have to copy/paste the code to your article (please copy/paste in source mode). Don't change something of the code, only thing you have to change are the numbers, correct answers, title and the image link. That's the only thing you have to change often, but sometimes there are more things to change. If you just started your wiki you may have to add the codes by yourself.

Adding Pictures

If you want to add pictures, you can use a add a photo, gallery, slideshow and a slider. You can add photos on the right side when you're editing an article. It's also possible to upload a video to your article.

Adding Categories

Categories show the page in a category. It's important, because people can find the articles better and the wiki has a better structure when there are categories. On the right side you find a section categories. Tick in the category name and click on enter.

Other Features

There are of course a lot of other features you can use in articles. But the features above are the most important to know.


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If you want to save your edit click on the publish button on the right top.

If you have questions about adding and editing articles please go to my message wall to ask me about it. You can also ask an admin on the wiki, go to the forums or ask in the chat.

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