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Images are an important part of a wiki. It let see things of the subject and can help to explain things. Also it can give an impression of something.

Adding Photos

You can add photos/images on different ways.

Add one photo

You can go to the place on the wiki where are all new photos. On the top of the page stands a button named: Upload an image. Click on it and choose a photo from your computer.

Add multiple photos

If you want to add more photos in one time you can go to this page on your wiki: Special:MultipleUpload. Here you can add multiple photos from your computer

Adding photos in an article

It's also possible to add photos if you're making an article. You can find options to add photos on the right side if you're in edit mode.

Add photos to articles

You can use the option above to insert photos if you're editing an article. If you want to add a photo you've already uploaded you can use also the options on the right side of the screen. But it's also possible to add the css code of the photo in source mode. Below some examples.



To customize the photo:


This file is situated on the left side and has a size of 200px.

If you want to add a border you can use this code:


Another option is adding the url of the picture to the page. A disadvantage of this is that you can't change the file size. If you have questions about adding pictures or want help with something please go to my message wall to ask me about it. You can also ask staff, ask an admin on this wiki, go to the forum or ask in the chat.

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