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Part 9. Contributing to a Wiki: Change Colors of Buttons, Links and Headers

2Actimv September 8, 2013 User blog:2Actimv
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On your wiki are links, buttons and header. It's easy to change the colors of these things. Below you can read how you can do.

Where can I change?

Go on your wiki to the page "Special:ThemeDesigner". You can find it when you type it in in the search box on your wiki or in the url behind the name of your wiki. Another way to find is to use the bar on the bottom of your screen. Click on "Admin" and you go to "Special:AdminDashboard". You see on the general page the link to Theme Designer. After that you go to the "Customize" section. Click on graphic and upload an image. Don't forget to save your edit. Maybe it takes some minutes before it'll work.


When you're there you click on the button "Customize". If you've clicked on the button you see the on the right side the colors of the links, buttons and header. Click on the color to change the color. You'll see some standard colors you can choose. It's also possible to give the code of a color to add a special color. After changing you have to click on the "Save" button. Others it won't change. It's possible it take some time before it'll work.

If you have questions about these things or want help with something others please go to my message wall to ask me about it. You can also ask staff, ask an admin on this wiki, go to the forum or ask in the chat.

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