Hey there! I got the idea to do something like a special features/programs competition about all the nice and beautiful things wikis make for us. And now we can choose which one is the best.


The idea is that you will decide what feature you like the most with all other people who visit Community Central. First there will be a nominating round in which you can say in the comments of this blog post what wikis have the best features/programs. You don't have to have any rights on that wiki, you can even nominate a feature if you've never edited on that wiki! When the nominating round will stop I'll speak with some other experienced Wikia users about what we find the best/special/most interesting features and programs. In the next blog post I'll show you which features/programs we have chosen. In this final round you can vote which one you like the most. So far I don't know what the award will be but it'll be something special I hope (don't expect something really big).


  • You can nominate up to 5 features/programs in total.
  • Link the "main page" of the feature/program if there are more pages about it.
  • You can only nominate features/programs which are made by that wiki, so don't nominate Special:Forum or something like that which is made by Wikia staff.
  • Add the ones you like the most, if that one is already nominated you can nominate it for a second time. But please don't nominate it again if it has already been nominated 10 times.
  • If you support a nominated feature/program you can of course say that in a reply below the comment of the nominated feature/program.
  • You can also nominate features/programs of wikis which are written in another language than English.

And now you have to search for the best features and programs on Wikia! If you have found some you can say those in the comments of this blog post! And of course don't forget to spread the word about this blog post, maybe other people know other interesting things on other wikis!

The nominating round will end on November the 1st!