Greetings, my minions (kidding)! I am the creator of The Fightmon Wiki. What is
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"fightmon" you ask? Well they are the creatures created by me, and that's kinda what the wiki focuses on. But there's alot more too: Like wars, characters, places, and even a game in development! Things may look really slow on the wiki, but that's only because I've been busy working on images for FTG:P, the current game in production. And fightmon is actually no new thing, I started it back in 2006, so it's more well planned then what is typically thought. And there are only two active users me, and my head programmer, so I'd really like if people started coming. Tell me what you think! ,2years -too- young 21:08, May 8, 2013 (UTC)

Edit:Oh, and comment your thoughts or questions! ,2years -too- young 22:51, May 8, 2013 (UTC)

Edit2:Also, we need more programmers and game developers, currently there's one artist, programmer, and many testers. ,2years -too- young 22:43, May 9, 2013 (UTC)