Hello there, it's 343 again. I've created some blogs and today I'd like to create another. It's about how to go up in user rights the right way. Now, myself, when I first joined Wikia was keen to help out in any community I could. My heart was truly in the right place, but I went about it the complete wrong way. People used to consider me as power-obsessed and deranged but really, I just wanted to help. I know there are a lot of users out there with the same issue so I thought I'd help you.

The do's do not's

When you want to help a Wiki further, it's important that you have been there a while, know the Wiki well and can consider yourself one with the rules and the way the Wiki operates. So for example, if you thought you'd be a great moderator you have to consider how others see you as this role is often seen as someone being a role-model of the chat room.

Do you have a recent, real ban in your history? If so, people are going to be skeptical about your ability to follow rules, but that doesn't mean this can't change. I'll get to that later.

Do you know the rules of the Wiki well and consider yourself in a position where you can enforce them?

Are you shy to ask for help? If so, people on the internet can see you as either stubborn or arrogant. It's very easy to come across this way. Everyone needs help. No one on Wikia would be where they would be without help from their fellow users.

Do not talk persistently about how well you'd do in this role, what you'd do and how you plan on making things better. It's great you want to do this, but you're not helping your appeal. You're coming across as someone who is obsessed with the right your trying to earn. Someone who doesn't let something go until they get it. This really puts people off.

Do not try to reason with the admins. If they feel that right now is not your time, don't nag them or spend a lot of time convincing them. This only gives them more reason not to think your suitable for the role.

Do not expect to get rights quickly. They aren't there to be given out, they are there for users who really understand what the right does and how the Wiki will utilize that right.

Overcoming a Bad History

I, like many of you, have a bad history. Once people have a bad perception of you, it can sometimes feel... impossible to overcome it. People quite often assume the worst, don't trust you based on your log and sometimes, don't even need to hear your side of the story. The only thing I cannot emphasize enough is do not expect this to heal over night it takes time to re-build a communities trust and there'll always be those who trust you less than others. Time, following rules and acting appropriately will make things better. But, it will take a long time.

If this history is preventing your goal of helping a Wiki further, this can be disappointing. I would recommend waiting after a while has passed and you are on good grounds with most people. Then, go to an administrator. Explain your situation in a calm manner, not one that looks like you're trying to get sympathy. Quite often, people will listen and an admin will guide you through the steps to help you. But ensure you follow the above guides. No pestering. If they say no, it's no.


It's very possible to help more on Wikia, but you have to be prepared and ensure you know what you're doing. It's a community afterall and everyone is involved. Be polite, nice and make sure you're heart is in the right place. It is not for power, it is for helping a community.

Thanks for reading,

343 TheGuiltyProphet (talk) 04:45, January 13, 2015 (UTC)