Over the time I've been here, I've reported many, many bugs to Wikia - some of which have been fixed, some which are still pending. Since I keep forgetting what I've reported and what still hasn't been fixed, it's time I made a well-overdue list.

I've was going to make this list for a few months ago, but the introduction of lazy-loading broke visibility of close blog comments, so I was unable to access many of my old comments until recently.


Phase one: a quick and dirty list, I'll sort them later.

  • Ticket, Date, Handler, Issue, Status
  • old13100, 2011-04-15, Dopp, Image Cache
  • old18092, 2011-05-03, Dopp, Deleted Vandalism appearing in followed pages
  • old20946, 2011-05-21, uberfuzzy, Image Cache (followup)
  • old25009, 2011-06-17, unknown, Page Protection not working
  • 2148, 2011-07-12, Uberfuzzy, Wikia Labs doesn't link to relevant help pages, No change
  • 2723, 2011-07-19, daNASCAT, VegaDark of VSTF deleted a valid article instead of reverting the vandalism, No action
  • 5632, 2011-08-16, daNASCAT, Image Cache (followup)
  • 6356, 2011-08-23, Uberfuzzy, Shared Help text inaccurate, Text changed
  • 6612, 2011-08-26, daNASCAT, Special:Mostvisitedpages stopped working, Told it was supposed to have been removed months beforehand.
  • 7150, 2011-08-31, Dopp, Requested removal of redirect to WikiActivity, Told it was impossible - however, this was subsequently made optional.
  • 7159, 2011-08-31, daNASCAT, New blog notification emails malformed, Fixed
  • 7470, 2011-09-04, daNASCAT, Special pages inconsistent - some show redirects, others don't, Told "These are core MediaWiki pages"
  • 7479, 2011-09-04, Grunny, Noinclude failure when transcluding template from another wiki, Told "This is expected behaviour."
  • 7864, 2011-09-08, daNASCAT, Changing displayed text on MediaWiki:Edittools, Told this is impossible
  • 7944, 2011-09-08, daNASCAT, Auto-adoption broken,
  • 7972, 2011-09-09, Trella, Deleted Vandalism from 5 months ago still appearing in search results
  • 8182, 2011-09-12, sannse, TOS violation: abusive messages from a user, No action
  • 8259, 2011-09-12, Dopp, Vandalised pages still appearing in followed pages (see 2011-05-03)
  • 8402, 2011-09-14, daNASCAT, gallery slideshows always showing "1 of", fixed
  • 10210, 2011-10-05, daNASCAT, editor broken in various ways, fixed
  • 10270, 2011-10-05, daNASCAT, watchlist emails not being sent, fixed
  • 11188, 2011-10-17, daNASCAT, special pages cache not updating, fixed
  • 12065, 2011-10-25, Dopp, Deleted Vandalism appearing in followed pages (followup)
  • 18090, 2011-12-29, meighan, Categories duplication, other issues with the new editor.
  • 18138, 2011-12-29, Grunny, ctrl-click not working in search results

That's my emails from 2011 done for now, I'll do the rest some other time.