Hi any one whos intrested and mildly more knowing about the justice socioty of america than i am. i would enjoy it compleatly if someone joined in the editing prosess of the i do not accept anyone who would only come to mar the page. also does anybody want to create a rain city superhero wiki with me? just an idea, we dont have to do it, amd if you create it without me i don't mind as long as you point it out to me. and i would also like to promptly apolagise for my grammer/spelling, it's rather hard to do this on a tablet (not to brag, this was a preasent ment for other family members. im just the one who got ditched with it.) with minor regrets for being overly talkative to my fellow wiki editors who i hope i havent offended.6rosalina 02:41, June 25, 2012 (UTC)