Hi everyone! I have recently started a wiki called the Tomb Raider Walkthroughs Wiki This wiki is about walkthroughs for the Tomb Raider games and I made the wiki because I know what it is like to be stuck in a part you just can't seem to get. That's why a wiki could be useful to help someone out. And I know there are other walkthrough sites out there, but with a wiki everyone shares their secrets and tips, which makes it even better than just one person writing their opinions. People should join my community to help expand some of the walkthroughs out. I have gotten the forums, Code of Conduct, and Help pages sorted out, along with a few walkthroughs. I want this wiki to be a successful one in the future so it can help people out as they proceed through the games. Others could help out by adding more walkthroughs and unique features to the wiki. They could also help by adding infoboxes on new gear that may be picked up during the game. 

I will really appreciate if you join and help out!


(And if you join, you can find my message wall here for questions or advice.)