Ahoy everyone, I'm ALinkToThePasta and I would like to share my new wiki, The Critique Wiki (

The Critique is a review wiki where you can post Reviews, Rants, Top Tens, analyzations and things like that.

  • Reviews are pretty much what they are, you giving your own opinion on a game or a book or a film you watched and liked/hated.
  • Rants are pretty open for everyone but there is a minor problem with them...some people won't agree with others and before you check out the wiki you must never disrespect another user for diagreeing, whoever or whatever you support does not change the fact there are others in the wiki and they deserve a place to speak in too (unless they violate our rules of course).
  • Top Tens, Analyzations, etc are pretty much what they are as well and there isn't alot to say about them as well.

The reason why I made this blog is because we don't have many users at the moment and only 9 pages, it's hard for just 4 people to make alot of content for the wiki, I'd love to see the wiki grow and would love to see some support for my wiki.

I also want to have an active chat filled with debates about everything. and alot of other stuff too.

If you would like to add a review, rant or any of the options I listed above we would appreaciate it, we also accept new ideas to make the community much better.

From the admin team of TCW