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The Last Tycoon Wikia has been in Wikia for the last two months . I am very proud to start a new wikia. Your feedback will be of utmost importance so please comment. I promise to develop wikia better always. I have 764 edits made on 37 articles since 22:30, 30 June 2016! It would be a great honor for me to have a chance to talk to you regarding this matter at your most convenient time. Please feel free to contact me at my Message Wall. I Am grateful to be of help to you.

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About me

Anoop Rao

  • Founder The Last Tycoon Wikia
  • I am interested in The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Friends, Two Guys and a Girl, Rosewood, The Secret Circle, Castle , White Collar, Anime(Clannad, Kanon,Air), Movies (Indiana Jones Series, Librarian Series,Harry Potter Series,Horror Movies.