I don`t know why am I doing this here. I mean, this blog is related to Pokemon, but I decided that these 50 rules shall stay here. You can just add some more rules at the comments! Here they are:

  1. Worship the creator and alpha Pokémon Arceus
  2. Genwunners are blind, for they do not see the goodness of all other gens
  3. People who only know Pikachu are not fans
  4. Play Pokémon anywhere you go
  5. You shall not ride your bike indoors
  6. You shall not run unless you are wearing running shoes
  7. Do not be ashamed of loving Pokémon
  8. Always have an HM slave in your party
  9. Do not Google “Rule 34 Gardevoir” or any of the sort
  10. Do not use a Thunder Stone on a Pikachu
  11. Always stock up on repels
  12. The gym is not for doing workouts
  13. Always mash “A” when at a Pokémon center
  14. Omastar is NOT a god
  15. Bidoof is NOT a god
  16. You shall have no other game before Pokémon
  17. Do covet your friend`s version-exclusive Pokémon
  18. Do not hate your friend`s favorite Pokemon
  19. There is no rest. You must always battles
  20. For every Pikachu there is a clone of it
  21. If there is no Pikaclone, it will be created
  22. Play ROM hacks that use the Pokémon games as a base
  23. Give your rival a bad name
  24. PETA is blind, for they never understand the true definition of Pokemon
  25. Mega Evolution is AWESOME!!!!!
  26. Z-moves are AWESOME!!!!!
  27. Pidgeot is NOT our savior
  28. Have at least one legendary Pokémon in your party
  29. Sacrifice your best Pokemon to make space for a legendary
  30. Do NOT kill a legendary
  31. Do not say “Pokaymans”
  32. Charmander is the best starter
  33. Your starter is the best Pokémon in your team
  34. Do not stop playing the games
  35. Wear headphones while visiting Lavender Town
  36. You shall have no fossil other than the Helix fossil
  37. Always use a Pokemon while playing Super Smash Bros
  38. Rare candies are the best items
  39. Rattata kills all
  40. It`s raining. Don`t use an umbrella
  41. It`s sunny. Don`t take off your clothes
  42. It`s snowing. Don`t wear a coat
  43. There`s a sandstorm. Don`t wear a mask
  44. Do not waste your Masterball on a weak Pokemon
  45. There is a drink. Do not drink it
  46. There is a $1m bike. Buy it
  47. There is a $1m Slowpoke Tail. Buy it and eat it
  48. Always use Muks and Electrodes against genwunners
  49. Klefkis, Garbadors, and Vanilites should be defended from genwunners at all times
  50. Whoever dares oppose Lord Arceus shall be banished to the Distortion World and suffer the wrath of Giratina