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    Five years on Wikia

    September 30, 2016 by AStranger195

    This unfinished (for now) Community Central blog post is transcluded copied-and-pasted from AStranger195's Wikia.

    When I first joined the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki by logging in via Facebook on November 26, 2011, my journey through five years here on Wikia (now called Fandom, powered by Wikia) started. Back then, my username was my full name, because of Facebook. My first edit was on the Bucket page, with ID number 70120.

    Being a then-8-year-old kid, I had to hide my age, which was a bit hard due to my immaturity.

    Remember my Community Central blog post on this?

    Here we are in September 2016. I'm becoming more inactive than ever, leaving the 20+ wikias I founded deader than ever. I'm active on my YouTube channel and on The Multilingual Encyclopedia.


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    This page is under construction.

    Let's look at the situation on the non-English-language versions of Game Ideas Wiki:

    The Tagalog Game Ideas Wiki is dead! I'm the only contributor and it's filled with outdated translations of game ideas from the English GIW. I heavily promoted it when it was the only foreign-language version of GIW, including

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    Ask Me Anything

    October 28, 2015 by AStranger195

    Ask me anything! (Yes, I'm jumping in the bandwagon, too.)

    AStranger195 (talk • contribs • guestbook) 07:11, October 28, 2015 (UTC)

    Update: I will not reply to your comment if either it is not a question or it has no questions in your comment. More specifically, I will answer: “Sorry, but I cannot answer your comment. Please read the blog post. Thank you.”.

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    Under construction.

    I know this can be a controversial topic, but I made it for fun.

    Are you lonely and have no friends in real life? Do you want to meet more people? Are you a stalker?

    Hello, fellow Wikians! Today, I'll share a blog post about finding out other people's information.

    For example, User:Sannse has her first name as her username.

    Another example, Jimbo Wales's Wikipedia name reveals his nickname and last name.

    w:c:lyrics:User:Sean Colombo says it all.

    For example, w:c:gameideas:User:SecondOpinion links to, which reveals his full name and country.

    Another example, my Wikipedia user profile links to my Wikia profile, which reveals my first name and country.

    I don't know who do you want to stalk,…

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    AStranger195 (talk • contribs • guestbook) 10:51, September 16, 2015 (UTC)

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