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How to Find Out Information about Other Wikians (not to be taken seriously)

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I know this can be a controversial topic, but I made it for fun.

Are you lonely and have no friends in real life? Do you want to meet more people? Are you a stalker?

Hello, fellow Wikians! Today, I'll share a blog post about finding out other people's information.

Step 0: Read their username

For example, User:Sannse has her first name as her username.

Another example, Jimbo Wales's Wikipedia name reveals his nickname and last name.

w:c:lyrics:User:Sean Colombo says it all.

Step 1: Visit their userpage

For example, w:c:gameideas:User:SecondOpinion links to, which reveals his full name and country.

Another example, my Wikipedia user profile links to my Wikia profile, which reveals my first name and country.

Step 2: Try to find 'em on Wikipedia (or other wikis)

I don't know who do you want to stalk, but in case it's famous, try this: go to Wikipedia. Examples: Jimmy Wales and Angela are on Wikipedia.

Step 3: Contact 'em using Special:Contact (works only on Wikia Staff)

On the e-mail reply I just received from User:Semanticdrifter, it says his name (Sean M.). See w:c:gameideas:File:Screenshot (6).png to read that email.

Step 4: Use time travel

The page history of the User:Sannse page says that Sannse's former first name is Lisa.

Elin Zetterstand, ex-wife of Markus "Notch" Persson (the developer of Minecraft and founder of Mojang Aktiebolag), has her full name riiiiiiiiiight here.

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