Hi, I'm AStranger195, a recently-promoted admin on Game Ideas Wiki. After being messaged by that Spanish guy, SonikkuAensland, about the porn the vandalizer uploaded and the pages the vandalizer blanked, I decided to undo 546598's (the vandalizer's) vandalism and create this blog post at the same time.

1. View the user's contributions

Maybe the user just don't know what to do or like 546598, the vandaliser might just want to destroy the wiki.

2. Block him/her

He's male, so I'm gonna stop using "him/her". Block him. It depends on the wiki how long to block him, but as we don't have Blocking guidelines or stuff like that in GIW, I'm gonna block him for 1 week, and when he vandalizes again, I'm gonna infinitely block him.

Oh, I almost forgot. Message him to stop vandalism.

3. Undo his contributions

Delete pron, undo blanking pages, and undo pagemoves. It's hard work without using my bot, but my bot won't help 'cuz AutoWikiBrowser sux don't have that function.

Sonikku helped too.

Enjoy the wiki!