Okey, so guys... I'm new here and I really don't know what I should actually do... but I think, I'm just gonna share all of the weiirrrdd stuff in my mind with you.

So, I once saw this awesome Picture on instagram, and I was like: "Omg, Dudee! If this would be real, I would give up everything to go there!" I'm so not kidding. Just imagine a multifandom school. That's the best crap that I've ever seen on Instgram (and there is a lot of crap). I love the idea of a school that looks like hogwarts,
the garden would be strawberry fields (PJ if you know what I mean) and also it would only rain if we really wantet it to. And I wouldn't just go there because it's too awesome to be real, but because I would love to learn magic! Do you know how long I've been wishing for a spell that makes the remote float to you, without standing up to get it (don't tell me this never happened to you before)?! Or a spell to turn back time! Awwwweeesssoome!!!

I think I'm gonna be wrighting more about this in a week or so again, I have a lot of things to do today, we are getting our school testimony, and I need to finish my homework... hey! How about a spell that makes your pen do your homework! No? Okey, maybe not...

This is my first Blog ever *.* (sorry, I need to put this smiley in :3 ouu, this one too)

Please don't be to harsh on me, I know my english isn't perfect, I actually do not speak english as a main language so... yeaaah <3