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    Ivy lover

    August 23, 2014 by AbercrombieFizzwidget

    The user IvyLover is a vandalizer and a troll, and I feel he needs to be blocked.

    First off: He claimed to be harassed by me when all I did was call him a jerk for vandalizing my friend AClockworkOrange's wiki.

    A few days later he proceeds to start editing on my wiki, the Bugtropolis wiki.

    His edits were good, and since he was pressuring me, I made him bureaucrat.

    Wow, what a mistake that was.

    He blocked my friend AClockworkOrange, and began spamming pages and redirecting it to his userpage and he spammed MediaWiki pages.

    I then blocked him, and I realised he unfairly blocked me on his own wiki, so I asked him to unblock me there, and I'd unblock him on the Bugtropolis Wiki: [[1]].

    Everything's all good until I get complaints of him spamming page…

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