The user IvyLover is a vandalizer and a troll, and I feel he needs to be blocked.

First off: He claimed to be harassed by me when all I did was call him a jerk for vandalizing my friend AClockworkOrange's wiki.

A few days later he proceeds to start editing on my wiki, the Bugtropolis wiki.

His edits were good, and since he was pressuring me, I made him bureaucrat.

Wow, what a mistake that was.

He blocked my friend AClockworkOrange, and began spamming pages and redirecting it to his userpage and he spammed MediaWiki pages.

I then blocked him, and I realised he unfairly blocked me on his own wiki, so I asked him to unblock me there, and I'd unblock him on the Bugtropolis Wiki: [[1]].

Everything's all good until I get complaints of him spamming pages and blocking users for no good reason.

I block him, and he retaliates.

He blocks every almost every user on the wiki, and he takes away my rights (suspected hacking), and he deletes every page off of the wiki, changes the theme, and redirects it to his Sheriff Callie's Wild West wiki.

Please help stop this madman! I really want my wiki back!

Proof of his spam:

More Proof:

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