Good morning/afternoon/evening all!

I am the admin of the Kekkaishi Wikia , I have been inactive there as my interest in Kekkaishi waned (and the series ended) so I have been out of the Wikia buisness for around a year. A new USA original Drama premiered on the USA network so I watched it and fell in love with it! It's so great! I decided to see if a Wikia was made for it already and there wasn't so I decided to make it.

For those who have not seen it, it is about a married couple who have been together for 18 years and are both feeling unsatisfied sexually in their marriage, so the wife hires a male escort and gets caught by her husband in secret. I think the acting is great, the story is very interesting, and the characters are very dynamic. I catch it every week.

The Wikia is very new and I need some coders for templates, whom will become admins. If you have heard of the series, please drop me a message on my wall over at the wikia and we can get to work! I hope I get a great team of experienced editors so the wikia can become very successful!

Thanks all!

-The Abbster