You're Business Savvy

You have a fresh, positive attitude to life that means you are naturally drawn to anything that is modern and original. Being open-minded is a serious asset and allows you to find valuable ideas in the most unusual places.

You're not one to let a challenge pass you by and the buzz of working hard is what makes you tick. You're straightforward, self-disciplined and committed. You have a reputation for coming up with creative and practical solutions but you're not just an ideas person. You are also a high achiever willing to put in the hours to make things happen. Above all, you've got your feet on the ground and know that you'll always be judged on your most recent performance.

Asking about the latest book you've got on the go is probably the best way to get you talking. You like to lose yourself in another world or lifetime, as each page is turned you become more involved with the plot and characters and increasingly enjoy the sensation of fueling your imagination and knowledge.

You love the fast-pace of city life. For you a great day in a new place involves following your nose and going for a long walk maybe even getting a little bit lost along the way. That's when you make the most enchanting and unexpected discoveries.

To sum it up in a few words, you love the mystery of life. You are not someone who only sees the humdrum of human existence - you like to marvel at the wonders of nature and universe.