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UPDATE: The 64 finalists have been chosen! Go vote now.

When you’re a fan of a fictional franchise, you not only love the characters, you're also a fan of every aspect of that world. And a big part of those worlds are that world's fictional foods that sometimes earn fans in their own right!

For example, every Simpsons fan knows Duff Beer, Lard Lad Donuts and Krusty Burgers. Every Harry Potter fan would love to try a real Butterbeer or Chocolate Frogs. And any self respecting Fallout fan is well acquainted with Nuka-Cola and Brahmin steak.

Today, we’re launching a new kind of bracket tournament - The Fantasy Food Fight - which challenges Wikia’s communities to nominate their iconic foods and beverages to compete to be crowned the ultimate fictional food!

Here’s how it works:

  • Start by going here to nominate your food. You’ll need to tell us in the form who you are, what community you’re representing, and the foods/beverages from your community that you’d like to nominate. If you are part of multiple communities, please do a separate entry for each community.
  • What is a fictional food? The nominees should be a food or beverage that exists only in a fictional universe. These foods can exist in the real world (like pie) but should have a distinct place in pop culture (Twin Peaks’ Double R cherry pie).
  • The submission period will end on August 26th, and Wikia Staff will sort through the entries to find the most popular foods and drinks.
  • Don’t worry if multiple people from your community nominate the same or different foods. We’ll consider all the nominations carefully. We want to make sure we represent communities who have lots of love for their fictional food, and we want to also create a nicely balanced field of contenders.

On August 27th, we’ll post the first voting polls with our bracket of 64 chosen foods. Then the real battle begins with new narrowed-down rounds happening each week. 

So, get busy nominating your foods and drinks from your community, and may the best fantasy food win!

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