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Vote in the Couples Bracket Tournament

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Heads up, Bracket fans!

Round Two is now live, including the four NEW couples from our commenters. GO VOTE !

Happy Valentine's weekend, Wikians!

For all you romantics out there, we've opened voting on our first ever cross-community Greatest Love of All Couples Bracket Tournament.

Two weeks ago, we put out the call for fandoms to nominate their favorite on-canon couple. Marge and Homer, Han and Leia, Katniss and Peeta, Mario and Princess Peach, and so many more - they're all here, thanks to the nominations that came in from across our thousands of communities.

In the next few weeks, the 60 final bracket couples will get voted down until there's only one Greatest Love of All, the most-loved couple in pop-culture fandom!

Add to the action
Currently, we've selected just 56 of the finalists, and we we want to give you the opportunity to add even more of your favorite couples. So we've saved the final four slots in the tourney to include a few last-minute nominees.

To nominate the duo you love, drop it into the comments below. When we launch round two, we'll work in four of the most-nominated couples into the voting. Please only submit canon relationships (relationships that have actually happened - not just one you WISH would happen).

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