Nathan Randall is a normal 16-year-old troublesome Brooklynite from the year 1981. One day, he is thrust into the extremely bureaucratic, multi-universal Empire of the Pantheon (more specifically, the planet Roan, located in Universe 2,107,546,825), where magic and gods are real.

This is a collaborative writing and worldbuilding project, where you can both create worlds and write stories about them. The stories don't have to focus on Nathan, or even take place in Universe 2,107,546,825 - they can take place in any corner of the massive Empire of the Pantheon, as long as they are original (aka no fan works (they can be inspired by existing works, though)).

As of this post, there are 14 pages to this wiki (all created by me). It largely borrows aspects from anime as it being a combination of sci-fi (starships, megacorporations and such) and fantasy (kemonomimis and fantasy races).