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    For the sleeper hit that Splatoon was, the Splatoon Wiki seems to be rather dry on activity lately, especially given that sequel Splatoon 2 will be released next season. If you are a fan of the series, I recommend you take a look around our redesigned wiki and start contributing! The hype rollercoaster and to-do list are great places to start.

    The reorganization this blog's title suggests is in response for the sudden need to cover a sequel, and to sort things by appearances in multiple games. I've put up a blog about the recategorization effort, where you can see the different categories that will be used. It may also be helpful to use a bot to automate this process. Contact me if you'd be willing to help in this way.


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  • AgentMuffin

    Hello, it's me, AgentMuffin. I have something to say today, not exclusively about the Fandom powered by Wikia rename, but inspired by it.

    I've spent several years now on Wikia. It's no secret that this website is the largest entertainment fan site in the world. But the website's landscape is changing, and Wikia staff have forgotten that a larger service doesn't always mean a better service. Allow me to explain the specifics of my opinion and experiences. You might not agree with me off the bat, but I hope you will come to change your mind based on the following silly anecdotes.

    For people who are deeply "into" a particular concept, the idea of a wiki farm can be very appealing. Wikia's SEO has to be a salient reason as to why the service is …

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  • AgentMuffin

    oh, what the heck.

    October 9, 2015 by AgentMuffin

    Here's a link to 80's Video Games Wikia. Guess what it's about?

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