• Ahri-chan

    Preserving Your Privacy

    November 17, 2015 by Ahri-chan

    Hello, Wikians and newcomers. And welcome to my blog post.

    This blog post is all about protecting, and preserving your own privacy in all parts of Wikia. As the Wikia has a very vast network of wikis, there will be threats to the privacy of our own personal information on Wikia and most of them usually happen on the live Special:Chat. In this blog post, I will be tackling about the importance of protecting your personal information and maintaining your sense of privacy as this blog post will be able to..

    • provide awareness about online stalking and harassment
    • provide the users the preventive measures that would be useful when they find themselves in specific situations
    • educate them about the loopholes of the chat's private message/screenshot p…
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