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Lego batman 4

Ahsoka98 August 12, 2016 User blog:Ahsoka98

The justice league team up with the suicide squad to take down enchantress and the tattoo man but will they successfully take then down or fail


Batman free (batman (batman vs superman)free ( batman (batman vs superman armor )free( batman classic)100.00 (batman (terry megines)

Robin free (red robin) 100.00

Batgirl free (batgirl stephine brown ) 170.000

Superman free (superman (batman vs superman) free (superman (man of steel) 100.000

Wonder woman free (wonder woman (batman vs superman) free

Green lantern free (green  lantern film) 100.000

Deadshot free (deadshot masked) 10.000 (deadshot comics) 150.000

El diablo free (el diablo jacket ) 10.000

Harley quinn free (harley quinn (classic) 50.000 (harley quinn (new 52) 100.000 (harley quinn (aoa)

(Harley quinn (the batman )

Katana free (katana (comics)

Rick flag (rick flag (prison jumpsuit)

Killer croc (killer croc (classic)

Captain boomerrang (captain boomerrang classic)

Hawkgirl free (hawkgirl cw ) free

Aquaman free  (aqauman film) 100.000

Supergirl free (supergirl cw )free

Green arrow free (green arrow cw) free (arrow) 100.000

Black canary free ( black canary cw) free

Flash free (flash cw) free

Hawkman free (hawkman cw )10.00

Atom free (atom cw)free

Enchantress 100.000.000

Joker free (joker sqaud ) 100.00 (Joker sqaud no jacket ) 150.00

Lex luther 100.00

Cheetah 100.00 (cheetah classic ) 100.00

Solomin grundy 100.00

Gigantica 100.00

Felicity free (felicity comics )100.00

Thea queen free (thea queen speedy)100.000

Red hood 25 .000

Catwoman (catwoman new 52 ) (catwoman purple) 10.000

Riddler 100.000

Damian darhk 100.000.000

Rip hunter free

Sara lance 100.000 (white canary) free

Heatwave 100.000 (heatwave cw ) free

Cupid 10.000

Huntress (huntress cw) 100.000

Slade wilson 100.000 (deathstroke) 200.000

Bruce wayne 10.000 (bruce wayne batman vs superman ) free

Clarke kent 10.000 (clarke kent batman vs super man ) free

Barry allen 20.000

Harleen quinnzel free (harleen quinnzel black gate ) 10.000

Poison ivy 100.000 (poison ivy film )

Black mask 100.000

Captain cold 100.000 (captain cold cw ) free

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