On the AWA wiki, the box that once said:

The New skin can now be switched on by all users. Many wikis have started leaving. now in the Sitenotice and Anonnotice (which here, Wikia was kind enough to disable.)

Also, I have now received 2 messages from Sannse that I was commenting just to be provocative. See my talk page for more on the subject.

A few days ago, I finished my Black Wednesday (11/3) avatar. It's my normal avatar, but the face is angry, it's wearing more funeral-ish clothes, and the words below are replaced with the current AWA logo. If the logo changes, I guess I'll have to rework it a bit.

On the other hand, Wikia's new commercial is both well done and mostly true:

Explore Wikia01:20

Explore Wikia

Wikia's new commercial

Expect to see this on TV soon.