Hey all! A few months ago (when Wikia's new mobile skin came out), I showed you how to insert code onto any page using verbatim tags. Well, now I'm going to show you a way I discovered to add your code to every page! And it's amazingly easy, too!


Note the "Log in" button to the right of the wordmark....
See it in action!

Basically, my goal was to find a MediaWiki page that shows up every time on WikiaMobile. And I found one, MediaWiki:Wikiamobile-page-header-title. Basically, this page contains nothing but a variable ("$1"), which appears to be the page title. And this message can correctly transclude verbatim tags without any issues. Check out the button I added to my test wiki's toolbar (right). That will show up on every page!

So, basically, the code is:


...on MediaWiki:Wikiamobile-page-header-title. Note that the verbatim has to be before the $1 since extra line breaks are really easy to accidentally add in your scripts.


In the recent update (which added a login button, rendering mine useless), the Wikiamobile-page-header-title page was retired. One page I found that seems to work is MediaWiki:Wikiamobile-footer-link1. If/when that stops working, feel free to search AllMessages yourself, the prefix is "Wikiamobile-".

Update II

It appears that Wikiamobile-footer-link1 has been renamed to MediaWiki:Wikiamobile-footer-link-lifestyle. Again, when that stops working, feel free to search AllMessages with the prefix "Wikiamobile-".