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  • Akamichi

    Star Wars Chat Skin

    December 23, 2015 by Akamichi

    Hello, I am Akamichi and today, I have made a Star Wars Chat Skin. I would mostly like to give credit to 2Actimv because I followed his layout of his 2015 Christmas Chat Skin which helped me. This was a rough 15-45 minute project that I managed to finish. The most hardest parts I was stuck on were how I can change the text color from white to black (which I managed to find later) but, all from that: This is my first skin that I fully made and did NOT give up on.

    Anyways here's the long version and short version (I recommend short one since that one usually works)

    P.S. This is recommended for full-screen for a better experience and it's easier or clearer to see the background.

    Long version - Check the bottom if this one looks outdated or not like …

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  • Akamichi

    Hello, I am Akamichi, an international speaker of 3 different languages and English. So, I've edited many different Wikis, learned about some, their editing style, and all sorts of things. But today, or whatever day it is for you; I decided I would show some good things to do for helping out with editing and perfecting a good International Wiki. So, let's get started!

    So, the first thing everyone starts with when creating their international wiki is... where does this person start? If you're making your Wiki and let's say you were to create the German Community Central Wiki, it is all created but we're missing something. A design of course.

    You always want to start by creating a design for your wiki, some sort of layout that can grab the Wiki…

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  • Akamichi

    Hej, today is just a blog post I decided to make up due to the common blog posts I have been seeing about quitting chat, quitting other things, quitting Wikia, and so forth. As we know for some users for example, KawaiiUnicorn's Blog Post explains why she is leaving and it how immature people are. This is something I am hoping to go over with users who bother to actually read this to explain why. Before we get to any of that, let me just go over some basics below. (Note: we are all immature at times, so this goes for everyone at times)

    Most users quit Wikia or the chat due to immaturity as stated above, annoying users, they're grown up now, or other reasons which may be explained later on down this blog post. Now, here goes the parts of why…

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  • Akamichi

    Tips for a Good Wiki

    December 17, 2012 by Akamichi

    Hi, I know some of you have wiki's on here and you're like, " Ugh, nobody is coming! What could I do to improve? ". Yeah, some of you might be asking or right now! So, I'll give you the biggest hints that you'll need to solve your problem! If you have any questions, please ask in the comments, thank you. Now, lots of you have a wiki? Mostly everybody on wikia does, some are famous, some are not, but that might change, but excuse me for the word, " famous ", what I mean is, " Popular ", okay let's get started for real.

    So, you have a wiki, a few pages might be done, let's take a brief look, if you own a wiki or an admin of wiki, why not go to, " Admin " down at the toolbar next to Customize, click "Admin ", then, see where Theme Designer is …

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  • Akamichi

    Wikia Easy Help

    October 20, 2012 by Akamichi

    Hi y'all, it's nice to see you. I have came up with some excellent things, distributing... Wikia Video Help, some of you may not understand others on things but with videos, you'll know exactly what to do, we try to take it nice... and easy, what do you think? We have our own first youtube Wikia Help Video yet, submitted by my youtube, "BrotherRampage", e'yup! It is based on how to create/add a category, the reason I made it is because a friend of mine on Community Central Chat asked in a Private Message/PM, " Hey, how do I create a category? ", but he thought if he added it, it wouldn't be created but the truth was, when you add it, it is made, refresh the page or click it, it brings you to edit and kaboom! There you click submit or type …

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