Hej, today is just a blog post I decided to make up due to the common blog posts I have been seeing about quitting chat, quitting other things, quitting Wikia, and so forth. As we know for some users for example, KawaiiUnicorn's Blog Post explains why she is leaving and it how immature people are. This is something I am hoping to go over with users who bother to actually read this to explain why. Before we get to any of that, let me just go over some basics below. (Note: we are all immature at times, so this goes for everyone at times)

Why are people quitting?

Most users quit Wikia or the chat due to immaturity as stated above, annoying users, they're grown up now, or other reasons which may be explained later on down this blog post. Now, here goes the parts of why and what we can do about the users quitting Wikia, etc.

What can we do to stop them from quitting?

You can't really " stop " a user from quitting unless you have good communication skills or are really great friends with that user. If the user would rather not be bothered, don't bother them then. It's just very clear that when a user quits and does not wish to be bothered, you do not bother them and they'll not bother you. The user whom may be quitting could have real life issues to deal with, no internet, or even feel a bit annoyed and not noticed.

The Reasons other users are quitting

Some of the reasons we have our fellow Wikia Users quitting is already stated, immaturity, loneliness, not able to pay for internet, no friends, etc. But, this is where it'll be explained down below as well.


Immaturity is pretty commonly known around the web of course, roleplaying, the common use of the two letters " xD " (I don't even know what or where that came from) and then we just have normal little immaturity sitting in the corner being hated by lots. Immaturity is very stupid to see for other users so that's why the chat is supposed to mainly to chat and discuss about random subjects. That is reasoning why KawaiiUnicorn will be quitting as her blog was linked above on the very top. Providing a unique chat is what most users would love to have then we have users who don't really care how others feel and would like to make others in the chat very uncomfortable and not wanting to stay. Lots of us users have been there before and we know that there'll never be an end but at-least we don't have random IPs/Anonymous Contributors able to join the chat to spam whatever they would like to do such as long wording, etc.


Loneliness is another thing we can expect from other users in the chat or anywhere on Wikia. This can be because that this user may have had a bad day or maybe they had a rough life which makes them an 'emo' or a 'goth' which emo would be the correct term. These users are undergoing hard times and there are others who are a part of the chat who don't even care for them and don't like them/don't wish to type to the user. We can sometimes experience these things just we all don't have a huge feeling about it to the point where we want to just do something bad to ourselves.

No Internet

As most of us users would know, some users have jobs and some still live with their parents. This is why most users a part of Wikia are seen because they are usually under a guardian or parent's house with internet. There isn't anything a user can do to meet their friend again if they are unable to afford internet. People make minimum wage, some don't but you cannot expect your friend to be able to get on the internet all the time to play if that user cannot be able to afford what they want. This is an impossible way for two users to connect on the internet who are friends unless they have a way of using a phone, going to the library, etc.


Of course, some of us on Wikia have friends who like to joke around with each other. But, better yet: I don't believe I would have a " friend " on Wikia for I just come here to chat. Some users are like this as well, it's sort of like the point of loneliness as well where nobody wants to be by your side, be there when times are going rough against you, your family, your friends, or anybody who is in the conflict with you. We can all try to get along when things like these happen, try to tell the user what they can do to stop whatever is happening in their real life or even ask to be their friend!

Friends Quitting

This is another common reason users could be feeling the need and urge to quit. Lots of users I knew from 2012 and on have quit, I've seen them come and I've seen them go. This is something we can't always control, they have their reasons and we can have our's. We can beg as much as we need to and they might not even cooperate and leave Wikia for good. It's something most of us hate to see on Wikia or any internet webpage or EVEN a game! I have seen the people I tend to type or talk to daily go because I may have left just for a few months and like again, we can't control these things. When they don't see us as often, they may sometimes have the feeling that we may of quit Wikia or any other game. Because, this doesn't just happen on Community Central, Wikia, Chats, or anything else; this happens anywhere! It can be from in real life to the internet to maybe even your bodies! Who knows? But, we know we can't help it when our friends quit Wikia. But, this goes from saying that this blog post will go with an end right below.


I hope that most of you have read this and if anything is needed or if anybody is wishing to talk/type to someone, please go to my Message Wall and we can have a chat. I'm also going to hope that for any users who experienced some of these problems, they have gotten through with what I was trying to explain and again, go to my message wall.

Thank you.

I also wish to thank these users for giving me the idea after I seen their blog post:

Other users if not included as well, thank you.