Hi, I know some of you have wiki's on here and you're like, " Ugh, nobody is coming! What could I do to improve? ". Yeah, some of you might be asking or right now! So, I'll give you the biggest hints that you'll need to solve your problem! If you have any questions, please ask in the comments, thank you. Now, lots of you have a wiki? Mostly everybody on wikia does, some are famous, some are not, but that might change, but excuse me for the word, " famous ", what I mean is, " Popular ", okay let's get started for real.

Some Updates/Change of Plans

So, you have a wiki, a few pages might be done, let's take a brief look, if you own a wiki or an admin of wiki, why not go to, " Admin " down at the toolbar next to Customize, click "Admin ", then, see where Theme Designer is at? Yes, so I'll explain that now, so, let me explain what you can do with it!

Theme Designer

Theme Designer can do lots of things to help your wiki improve, like a favicon which is thed thing on top, [ ] , yes, that. You know how Community Central Wiki and some wiki's have the four little people with one holding up a flag that says, " Wikia " and it has Community Central, ah' yes, you can add that but there is a certain size on that, if you ever need to know.

Recent Changes

Ah', yes! Recent Changes is a very good helpful tool just in-case, " Threats ", " Spam " or any of that type of junk gets onto your wiki! It'll show the editor's username and what they erased or added in, sometimes like for e.x. the ROBLOX Wiki has a Jaredvaldez page, that wiki has lots of threats on it because everybody dislikes that user! Well, we'll move on to the next one.

Top Navigation

Easy thing, just go to it, you can find something like, *Category 1* if you have a category like, " Deceased " or anything, just erase *Category 1* or *Category 2 * and add in your's! There we have that part, let's move on to another one!

Wiki Features

Ah', my favorite! That's the best one that I think of! Just check any of them, my favorites are the Forums - Something New, Chat, and... Badges , the best of them all! Just check on them and the owner always starts out with the owner badge which is 100 points! That's a nice start, you can change the names of them but description stays the same, you could also... Change the Pictures of the badges, I think it's a really awesome idea!

Promoting Your Wiki

This is step 2, you can always promote your wiki to get more people, it'll show up on the bottom of a wiki, so this is another great start for users. If you need any help with that, you can ask on how to do it right in the Community Central Chat ! So, that should just 'bout do it.

Let's Finish this up!

Also, you can find who's on your wiki/who's been editing your wiki, who is blocked, who is banned from chat, give rights to somebody, and a Help Button. You got a Content tab which also has some better stuff for you to know about! I really hope this helped you guys. I don't really have a famous wiki that often or maybe I should of said, " Popular " again, well I hope this helped, thank you Wikia Contributors for your time to read this!