Hi y'all, it's nice to see you. I have came up with some excellent things, distributing... Wikia Video Help, some of you may not understand others on things but with videos, you'll know exactly what to do, we try to take it nice... and easy, what do you think? We have our own first youtube Wikia Help Video yet, submitted by my youtube, "BrotherRampage", e'yup! It is based on how to create/add a category, the reason I made it is because a friend of mine on Community Central Chat asked in a Private Message/PM, " Hey, how do I create a category? ", but he thought if he added it, it wouldn't be created but the truth was, when you add it, it is made, refresh the page or click it, it brings you to edit and kaboom! There you click submit or type whatever, you're done! Woohoo! Anyways, I wanted to see what YOU would think, so just if you'd like post your opinion in the comments if you could, appreciate it, thanks y'all, bye. :)