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For some reason it keeps saying that levl 1 is too wide..I tried everything and it just won't work.. and save it...

This is my text:


**Season 1


***168 Candles


***Miss Mystic Falls

***Isobel (episode)|Isobel

***Founder's Day

**Season 2

***Kill or Be Killed


***Rose (episode)|Rose

***The Dinner Party

***The House Guest

***Klaus (episode)

***The Sun Also Rises

***As I Lay Dying

**Season 3

***The End of The Affair

***The Reckoning

***Ghost World

***Ordinary People


**category:Episode Transcripts#|Transcripts




**category:Main_Characters|Main Characters

***Elena Gilbert

***Damon Salvatore

***Stefan Salvatore

***Katherine Pierce

***Caroline Forbes


***Bonnie Bennett

***Jeremy Gilbert

***Matt Donovan

***Jenna Sommers

***Tyler Lockwood

**category:Recurring_Characters|Recurring Characters




***Elizabeth Forbes

***John Gilbert



***Carol Lockwood



**category:Guest_Characters|Guest Characters

***Giuseppe Salvatore


***Johnathan Gilbert

**category:Minor_Characters|Minor Characters

***Season One Minor Characters|Season 1

***Season Two Minor Characters|Season 2

***Season Three Minor Characters|Season 3

***Character Appearances

*Category:Upcoming_Episodes|Upcoming Episodes

**Our Town

**The Ties That Bind

**Bringing Out The Dead

**Dangerous Liaisons



***Featured Article

***Featured Episode

***Featured Picture

**category:Top_10_Lists#|Top 10 lists

**The_Vampire_Diaries_Wiki_Awards|The Vampire Diaries Wiki Awards

**The Vampire Diaries Wiki:Administrators|Admins


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