It was a day like any other day, a sunny day in fact of new leaf. In the forest below cats ran among the floors, as if a pack. These crowds of cats in this paticular spot was a clan. There were dens of such under large oak trees. The cats named the specific trees to rate the young and the elderly of the cats. The kit den, where queens( mother cats or cats that are kitting) and kits slept underneath. Then there are the apprentice dens. where kits are old enough to train to be warriors or become a medicene cat. Next is the warriors den, there apprentices are finally trained up to be a warrior so they can fight, hunt, andprotect their clans! We then come across the medicene cat den, which we already have an apprentice and a warrior there. They tend to wounds and illnesses of the cats in their clans. Finally we have the highrock and leaders den. The leader of all cats have nine lives. They arrange meetings and patrols for hunting. They also have a deputy by their side. That particular deputy is their for when the leader has finally died, the deputy is to be filled in but they have to make a quest to get their nine lives. Now... back to the story shall we?  In the medicene den a queen was about to give birth. The queens name was Ivytail, and by her side was her mate Willowheart.


Hollowpaw:IM COMING

It was the first birth hollowpaw has ever seen and she wanted to make sure everything was right and not to miss the sight of birth.  Her fur was on end in a desperate search for the borage leaves.

Ivytail:"HURRY"as she said, as she struggled pushing she bit down on a stick to try to relieve stress.

Hollowpaw quickly gave Grasswhisker the borage leaves already seeing a kit popping out (and all of the contents BLEH). His fur was a beautiful dark grey, as if it was meant to be a pretty navy blue color. Another kit then popped out, weirdly a white kit red a pink nose.

Ivytail: Thats strange, why is it so pale....(she said in a hoarse but frantic voice)

Grasswhisker:It's a borth defect... i never seen anything like it... i'm sorry.

Willowheart:We should name the kits.... come on ivytail

I ytail:O-Ok... well i want to name this tom Russetkit, and this pale one..... Albinokit.

To be continued :D