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    Last week, a sad day came. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, that wonderful neon gamer-doctor of Justice, hung up his belt and made way for his successor. Yes, it is that time of year again, the changing of the guard as one Rider show bows out to give way to the new kid on the block for the fall season.

    Needless to say, this new kid is an interesting one. For starters, this series is according to Toei, going back to "the roots of Kamen Rider". Next is the main hero himself, as he is a genius physicist who mixes something organic with something inorganic to create his forms. His main form has the powers of a rabbit's speed and jumping crossed with...of all things, the durability and strength of a tank! Rockets with pandas, lightbulbs with octopi, hedgehog…

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    Kamen Rider 101

    November 7, 2016 by Aldo The Fox

    Hello, Aldo The Fox here and I would like to take the time to promote the Wiki I work on, Kamen Rider Wiki!

    We are making this wiki so you can get all the information you want on armored belt powered heroes who ride motorcycles and fight terrorists and various things that go bump in the night (and day)!


    How I became a fan:
    The first time I encountered these strange heroes was back in early 2008. I was bored one day randomly browsing YouTube when something caught my eye, an image of a strange Batman-like character with a utility belt. I investigated further by clicking the video and found it very weird, the belt was talking and there was a flying dragon castle and for some reason the guy was so strong he le…

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    A while back, I posted a blog on hyping Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, the video game themed doctor hero of the 27th Kamen Rider Series.

    Recently announced was a bit of a shocker, the Kamen Riders will meet Pac-Man! This actually make sense from a promotional and story standpoint. Bandai has been merged with Namco for years now and thus own the rights to Pac-Man and this gaming Rider series references various video games.

    Heck, Kamen Rider Wiki hasn't even left the first episode of the TV show yet and already they have made references to Mario, Sonic, the Wonderswan, Mega Man and the Gen-San games aka Hammerin' Harry. We had to get to the original icon of video games at some point. For those doing a double take and thinking this is just some elaborate …

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    Hello! Aldo The Fox here, I am one of the admins of Kamen Rider Wiki and I have good news!

    Get Your Game On! The next Kamen Rider series is almost here!

    Kamen Rider has had a busy year, with 2016 being the franchise's 45th anniversary and several projects tied to that celebration. Such projects include a recent Battride War game, multiple events in Japan such as displays of the props and suits at a museum for a special exhibition and the return of Hiroshi Fujioka as Kamen Rider 1 in a recent film.

    But the party is soon going to end for Ghost, as on October 2nd, the hoodie wearin' spook who uses historical figures and emotions for his powers will go off the air and let his successor take the wheel.

    Traditionally in the recent entries of the Hei…

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    • Update: Round 1 is over! Be sure to vote in Round 2 soon!
    • Update 2: Round 2 is now live!

    Kamen Rider has a brand new series and to celebrate we are pitting the 32 main heroes of the franchise against each other! Come one, come all and join the Superhero fun!

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