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Hello,I am Aleeha.Alavi.I am so much confused with the tags things.Iwant to change the tags infront of our names.but how ? many people told me how but I can't understand it.Please Tell me a Easy wayto solve it.I need help.I don't know hot to change user tags and how to make them.If there's a easy way,please tell me because I need my wiki to be good like other wikis.I love this stuff,But there's no one who can help me get more users there and I need more users before 25th of July Because there's a big contest for all the wikis.It's going to be Grand And I want train best users for it.Please,people who love stories,songs,love,friendship,art and music,proggraming and other cool stuff Join My Wiki.

The Link :

and please answer my question in the comments fast as you guys can.You guys are my only hope :)

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