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Jeff The Killer everything want to know

  1. 1.Jeffrey Alan Woods Born on may 21 1960 Milwaukee Wisconsin
  1. 2.It has a height 5,11 is said that their parents They made pact with the devil and make some of their children either as your son or follower or beliver in exchange for  their work 

4.Randy was the cause of going crazy 

5.Jeff Hate things that are spicy food onion and stature 

6.Jeff always makes in the woods and alleys nocturnal routines cant not scape the at least that you throw fragance 

8.Remember for drink water when Liu 

9.In the ceepypasta Jeff The killer VS Jane The killer  many people say that is person of heart jeff but remember that once was normal and that muderer or ending

10.Their dress lifeless uses colors like black an white

11. Uses a white sweatshirt black skinny jeans and converse 

I hope you liked it if you like give me a recommendation that want to talk

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