I have posted this blog in defence of my wiki and other wikis looking for staff. What happens is people deliberately post comment saying how rubbish, stupid and idiotic your wiki is and people believe it. I think people should be given month bans for general nastiness.

My wiki is "the minecraft howto wikia"


My wiki has two bureaucrats and we are looking for another admin, two content moderators and two chat moderators.

On the wiki our job format is you apply for the job we give you chat moderator and content moderator and you then have to do two weeks of general clearing up, chat moderating and being generally active.

If you have managed that we upgrade your preferences and notify you Immediately.

Two be a bureaucrat you have admin with two weels of contributions and if you are still controbuting hard in two months we contsct you and ask if you would like to be a bureaucrat.

Please reply with whether you would be interested in curating below the blog and on my message wall.

Warning the wiki is under two months old and is very low on content which is why we would like content moderators.