• Bio Hello! I'm Algorithmz, a user on Fandom. You will probably see me mostly around Fandom working with the development and technical aspects of the International component of Fandom. You may also see me helping with PIs (portable infoboxes), technical/development parts of a community, and/or assisting with vandalism or spam. If you have any questions/concerns, please contact me on my message wall. :D
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  • Algorithmz

    Although there are many topics about Promoting a Wiki on Fandom, there is not one that you will find that will go as in-depth as this one will go. In this blog, I will be discussion how to promote your wiki, where to promote your wiki, what to say when promoting your wiki, etc. Promoting your wiki is not only important to the fans, but it is important to staff and other users who would like to see Fandom grow and prosper with a reasonable amount of income and revenue.

    Blogs - Blogs are great ways to communicate with fans. Many people love to peruse around blogs because typically, they are enjoyable and they give useful information to the audience. Making your blog interesting and putting your own "pizzazz" into it allows users to actually f…

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