Hey Alya here, im going to give you the dets about Ladybug so get ready cause get this I seen them TRANSFORM. yeah I know it's amazing, but I didn't get to see their faces. To bad but I have pictures and im going to figure out who they are, and not to mention this weird villan that keeps on coming back, what was his name again? Oh Hawk Moth I am getting the feeling that he is Adrien's dad, Mind blown right? He has the same voice actor, the same eyes, style, and not to mention the same cane, and if you look closley you will see the moth miraculouse on Mr. Agreste. Oh and get this Adrien's mother might just be another superhere, why? Because when I went to go see my friend Marionette she had to go for some reason, and while she was gone I found a book of superhero's on her desk.

The book


looked inside and it had shown Adrien's mother with the Peacock Pendant her's was appearently a fan.


It's weird how Marionette had this book, wait why did she have the book?