This blog post is concerning Democracy Wiki. After a perfunctory look through its pages, it seems to have much in quantity of content, but lacks severely in quality, having an outrageous amount of stubs (redlink saviors) and a worryingly small amount of photos. I did some digging and found that nearly all of its users have been inactive for over a year and no authenticated user has contributed more than five times. I am not joking. The only admin has been inactive for about a month, but I see no discussion present on editing or improving the wiki. Therefore, I must conclude that the wiki is completely and totally inactive and good to go for adoption, but I personally cannot take on the responsibility of doing so. That is why I created this blogpost to discuss possible alternatives. From my point of view, Democracy Wiki not only has much (squandered) potential, but is absolutely vital for the Democracy gaming community, of which I am an avid part.