Hey y'all I have bug news.....there are more miraculouses yeah! I found the book of hero's in Marionette's room and it had tons of hero's in it and it turns out chat noir and ladybug are the most powerful from what iv'e been reading lately, I have noticed that Hawk moth looks a lot like Mr. Agreste Adrien's dad it's freaky because they have the same cane, and eyes, I don't know much about hero's but when it come's to ladybug I know more than anything! Marionette has been proving me wrong on so many things about her though. She seems to know more then me, (gasp) maybe she should blog with me! Ah i'm getting off topic, okay the other day I got a picture and film of ladybug and the others transforming (and when I mean others I mean Chat, butterfly, and kitty noir) to bad I didn't get their faces though.


Oh and not to mintion I had ladybug on my show again, buuut she was rubbing out of dots on her miraculouse so she had to run.

She is here!

Oh one more thing, Adrien's mother is Peakock can you believe it I can see.