Ozzy Heart6

aka My full name is Jake Joseph

  • I live in With Justin Bieber
  • I was born on September 1
  • My occupation is Playing with myself
  • I am an alien
  • Ozzy Heart6

    No one knows my side of the story and continues to worship this other account. Back when I was younger I used to own the FIRST Galerians wiki. I lost my password because I in elementary school when I created it. I thought to myself back in 2014, hey I wanna play on my old wikia. But then I realized I couldn't get back in my account. I tried so hard. I tried editing on my old wikia on another account of mine, but that Dosgamer00 got rude with me acting like I was a lair or something. I told him about Rion's age was 14, he got mad at me act like I didn't know the game. I have been playing this game since I was 7. Then my sister made a new one for me because of this and used to be the founder. The wikia used to be called Galerians ps1 (This w…

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  • Ozzy Heart6

    Copy my wiki

    August 8, 2017 by Ozzy Heart6

    Hello I am the Founder of the Galerians Garerianzu wiki. There was already a Galerians Wiki when I started. I created a new wiki because they got mad at me for editing in the past about ages. Well,  recently I've was helping my galerians wiki getting into the game finding information on my own. I realized there was hardly no one writing on the other wiki, After a few months of writing since April I think of this year now recently they've been copying directly from my pages. Like a character name Pat. Put his age on the other wiki saying he is 13 like on my wiki it says that and my information was before theirs and using enemies categories and they could of used a different name for them. They copy the names of my pages and using the same i…

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