Hello I am the Founder of the Galerians Garerianzu wiki. There was already a Galerians Wiki when I started. I created a new wiki because they got mad at me for editing in the past about ages. Well,  recently I've was helping my galerians wiki getting into the game finding information on my own. I realized there was hardly no one writing on the other wiki, After a few months of writing since April I think of this year now recently they've been copying directly from my pages. Like a character name Pat. Put his age on the other wiki saying he is 13 like on my wiki it says that and my information was before theirs and using enemies categories and they could of used a different name for them. They copy the names of my pages and using the same info but rearranging my words around. Is there anything I can do? It's been making me so frustrated and one of the editors on there had the gall to tell me my wiki has false information yet they keep copying pages names and used an age on of of the characters. What should I do? Is there no way to stop them? I work hard these past months and I don't wanna give up now.

So in other ords wiki worships the other Galerians