aka Adam Nikolaj Margaard

  • I live in Denmark
  • I was born on January 10
  • I am Male
  • Amargaard

    Yo, I used to be an active wikian, but I've been away from the community for a while and have forgotten how to do all those fancy codes and templates. I wish to return, as I have recently been playing around with a new idea. A new way to use the possibilities given to us by wikia - Running a collaborative story requiring players to make artwork to continue their respective plots, in the shared world.

    However, before dragging people in - I want to have a beautiful product to showcase, that is also easily manageable. On the wikia I have recently created I want the artwork to be in centrum - so I decided that each page should just include one big infobox on the center of the page, and that all information should be in this infobox. No content …

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  • Amargaard

    Amargaard's Blog Post

    January 7, 2012 by Amargaard

    Here, in this blog post, I will write down some request and questions regarding the wikis. If anyone see this, please help.

    I consider using infoboxes for all character-pages on my wiki, but I find them completely out of my wiki's theme colors. I chose a sand-colored/orange/brown-styled wiki, but the infoboxes automatically gets a boring blue and white color, and I would like to know, is it in any way possible to change the colortheme of your infoboxes? :)

    I think the original achievements could use some improvements. Personally I find them fun and a very great addition to the wikia community, but they are not good enough yet. I experienced a lot of delays with the numbers (For an example, I have 982 total edits on the wiki right now, but in …

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