Here, in this blog post, I will write down some request and questions regarding the wikis. If anyone see this, please help.


I consider using infoboxes for all character-pages on my wiki, but I find them completely out of my wiki's theme colors. I chose a sand-colored/orange/brown-styled wiki, but the infoboxes automatically gets a boring blue and white color, and I would like to know, is it in any way possible to change the colortheme of your infoboxes? :)


I think the original achievements could use some improvements. Personally I find them fun and a very great addition to the wikia community, but they are not good enough yet. I experienced a lot of delays with the numbers (For an example, I have 982 total edits on the wiki right now, but in the counter for the next possible gainable edit count-achievement, it says only (650 edits/1000). By the way, I got the "Opinionator"-achievement (Which requires you to comment three blog posts) before even three blog posts existed on my wiki.

Also, as I said before I got 982 edits, so it gets boring now - It seems like the same achievement will continue to be the prize for the edit count-track in the future. "Wiki-Leader", "Wiki-Leader", "Wiki-Leader"... yawn... Can you make new ones?

Last, but not least, I would request more possible custom achievements. Perhaps some that you can give to users without any reason. If I, for an example, runs a contest, and the prize will be a achievement-badge, it would be cool to easily give out a free achievement.

Top 10 list-suggestions:

I recently made the very first Top 10 list on my wiki, and it seems very cool, but it lacks a lot of features in my opinion. For an example, an option to switch on/off "Show voters" - Below all the items that you can vote on, it should be possible to see which users (Or IP-addresses) voted for which item.

Secondly, it should be possible to vote infinite times for an administrator. One of my friends asked me to vote for him, because he for some reason can't register on the wikis, and I said that I would do it, but I soon found out that my administrator powers did not give me that ability. Back to the point, I think administrators should be able to do that.

Finally, I think you should gain notifications when somebody votes on a watched top 10 list.

That's all my ideas, suggestions and questions for now. Hope you guys can use them, and I hope too that you find the time to write a comment or two below, and perhaps help me out. Thanks in advance.