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Amargaard's Blog Post 2

Hey there readers, this is my second blog post on the community central, and once again I have gathered a mix of questions, thoughts and personal opinions about the wikia-systems. Some have simply been repeated from my first blog post, but of course new ones have been added as well. Thanks in advance, for spending time reading the content below :)

Infobox possibillities:

On my wiki, I've finally succeeded creating a unique "Picture Infobox" template, however I'm not satisfied yet. If you check the link, you will quickly notice, that the two links in the "Picture Guide" will not be centered correctly, because of the contents above it. Is there any way, to keep the content above and below the "Picture Guide" seperated, so that the text will not be affected by eachother's lenghts?

This leads me to the second question about my "Picture Infobox" - I got this great idea, to make several other templates to use inside it - A template in a template. But the thing is, then it gets too advanced for me.

My idea was that, in the "Picture Infobox" template, an extra section with varying content, will always be automatically included, below the two links in the "Picture Guide"-section.

It will have a section headline, like the "Picture Guide"-section, but will be clickable, to "view/close" the content inside it. I guess it is irrelevant to tell what I want inside the automatically-included section-template.

How will the section-template automatically be included in my Infobox-template, you ask? You see, my idea was that, whenever you use the infobox-template, and write something in the "{{{username}}}"-field, there will be a special section-template for every username. So, if you write "Amargaard" in the username-field, a section-template will automatically be entered below, called "Template:Amargaard". I'm planning to create a section-template for every username. Possible to make?

This sure was very hard to explain and propably hard to understand too, so I don't blame you, if you are having trouble finding out what exactly I mean. If that is the case, and you do not know what I mean in the text above, please tell me, so I can try write it another way. I really wanna know if there is any way, my current wikia-dream can come true.


I'm sure, you've heard it before, but you gotta work on the achievements. I'll say it again, they are a great addition to the wiki-community, but far from good enough, if you ask me.

I am the founder, the only administrator, and hardest working on my wiki, thus I got the most badges. My stats have reached the heights, where it is boring getting achievements. Simply because the fact that we lack continuation of the orignal achievements-"tracks". I'm getting the same achievements, with the same picture and the same name, over and over again from now on, and I can't add new ones.

Wiki Expert, Wiki Expert, Wiki Expert... Am I ever going to get a higher rank again? You should add some new ones.

Also, the custom achievements you are allowed to make, so far, are too limited - based on categories only? I think, it should be possible to make achievements, that admins can give to users without any particular reason - That possibillity would be useful in many occassions, like a "Respected User"-achievement for users who earned some respect one way or another, or if you run a contest at the wiki - a "Contest Winner"-achievement as the prize, etc etc etc.

I also found a common bug in the achievements - the talk page ahievement track remains even though I use Message Walls on my wiki. Thus, there is no way any user can ever get that achievement. I think admins should be able to remove and alter the average achivement tracks as well.

Top 10 list-suggestions:

The Top 10 lists lack a lot of features, I wrote them in my first blog post and the few who saw it agreed, but nothing was done about it, so I'll post it once again, in hope of changing the wikias to the better.

First of all, open and closed (anonymous) voting should definately be selectable options, when you create a top 10 list.

Secondly, I think you should be able to watch the "overall top 10 list", so that you will gain notifications whenever someone votes. Or additionally, watching only a single item in the list - most likely your own, so that you will know whenever someone votes for your item.

Thirdly, I think you should be able to write more than a single line, in the item-fields. Perhaps, you are voting for different pages, in which a short summary of the page's content would be a good idea, along with a picture from the page, and perhaps even a link to the page.

That's all my questions, thoughts and personal opinions for now. Hope you guys can use them, and I hope too that you find the time to write a comment or two below, and perhaps help me out. Thanks in advance.


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