Yo, I used to be an active wikian, but I've been away from the community for a while and have forgotten how to do all those fancy codes and templates. I wish to return, as I have recently been playing around with a new idea. A new way to use the possibilities given to us by wikia - Running a collaborative story requiring players to make artwork to continue their respective plots, in the shared world.

However, before dragging people in - I want to have a beautiful product to showcase, that is also easily manageable. On the wikia I have recently created I want the artwork to be in centrum - so I decided that each page should just include one big infobox on the center of the page, and that all information should be in this infobox. No content out of it at all - that would be awesome.

I'm bad at explaining things without the use of visual examples, so I've drawn the infobox that I would love to have on my wiki. Can anyone help, at least partly, with making this thing from scratch? :)

Template Request 1st Half
Template Request 2nd Half